Dates: 07.03.2020–14.03.2020
All you need to know about the trip
  • €1600
    Flight and food excluded
  • 8 days
    And only 4 days of vacation
  • Легкий
    Level of physical activity: light
  • 1000 km
    Total distance
  • 8 participants
    Twin-bed rooms only
  • Evenes (EVE)
    We start and finish our route here
Day 1 (07.03.2020)
We will land in Evenes, go directle to a shop to fetch a bottle of good wine and other less important things and drive to a picturesque place located at the edge of fiord to spend a night in. If we are lucky, we probably can observe a fantastic dance of light in the night sky.
Enormous bridge at the entrance to Lofotens
Day 2 (08.03.2020)
In this jolly morning we will have a slow celebratory breakfast with a glass of sparkling wine! And then we will go to the most remote place of the islands, the utmost point of the earth - village Nyksund.
The utmost place of the earth. Village Nyksund
Day 3 (09.03.2020)
We continue our way though the isles of Westeralen, make stops to admire fairytale snow landscapes, and then we will ferry over to the main archipelago. This night we will spend on the northen shore of Svolver city, observing Aurora.
Aurora not far from the serfer beach Unstad
Day 4 (10.03.2020)
We drive to the utmost point of the islands. This night we will spend in Ballstad village in traditional fisherman cottages with the view to Norwegian sea and the mountain Scottinden.
One from the thousandsphoto-stops
Day 5 (11.03.2020)
Today we will walk along the picturesque village А, pronounced as О. We will spend a night in traditional fisherman cottage, converted into the beautiful hotel with all the facilities. For lunch we will have salmon or cod and a glass of wine, of course.
Village A, there is nothing further
Day 6 (12.03.2020)
We spend a night in Reine - Lofotens classic. You can't stop taking pictures of this city, and we will have enough time to get the best photos for your social media.
View to Hamnoy island
Day 7 (13.03.2020)
Our route goes back to the direction of the airport to a place nobody knows about. Only good weather and Aurora, which we will observe from hot jacuzzi, located on the back yard of our house. With a glass of wine, of course.
Reflection you will never forget
Day 8 (14.03.2020)
Time flyes and we have to go back home. Early morning we will say good-bye to these magnificent islands and drive to the airport .
Last night we will spend at the most amicable farmer's house
  • Included:
    • Guide work
    • Breakfast where it is possible
    • Place in a double room in cozy hotels
    • Comfortable cars
    • Petrol during our trip
  • Excluded
    • Flight ~ 300 EUR
    • Food - 40 EUR в сутки
    • Insurance
    • Visa fees
  • puff
  • thermal underwear
  • fleece jacket
  • winter jacket and pants
  • trekking boots
  • hat
  • gloves
  • socks, warm socks
It would be good if within the group there is a person with a camera, tripod and photo skills
It's better to take cabin-size luggage as the car trunk space is limited.
  • foreign passport
  • money
  • insurance
  • personal drugs
  • sun screen
  • personal care item
Russian citizens need Schengen visa to visit Norway.
Ура, вы решились!