Israel with a taste of RED
02.11.19 - 06.11.19
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There would be a lot of tasty food, good wine and breathtaking nature
Five days in Israel, during which you will enjoy: silent deserts, red canyons, red wines, red seas, dead seas,
served with hummus and falafel on the top.
November 2-6
High season has come to an end, the heat has slackened, so this is the ideal moment for our journey
1 car, 3 travellers and your cute guide
Accommodation, car, wine tasting and breakfasts are included in the price
5 days
Starting on Saturday and back on Wednesday
700 km
of amazing mountains, scenic landscapes and vineyards
Doesn't matter how old you are, we promise you'll have fun
Our route
will be as follows: we start from Tel-Aviv and go directly to the north to explore Haifa and the northern part of Israel. Then we drive to Judean Hills to enjoy the cellar tour and, of course, the wine tasting in the best vineyards Israel can only offer. Then the Dead Sea, which we look at from the different angle – our aim is to be off the beaten routes. Our Next destination is Timna park in Eilat area, where we walk along red canyons and sandy rocks. From Timna we drive north and spend a night in the middle of the desert. Our last stop is Tel-Aviv.
November 02, Haifa

We land in the airport of Tel-Aviv and go through all the circles of hell at the security control. Yes, we definitely deserve a glass of wine to relieve the stress. From Ben Gurion airport we drive north to Haifa. This night we'll spend not far from Mediterranean Sea just next to vineyards. Our plans for the evening: to taste wines, to have wonderful dinner and to enjoy evening coolness of this hot country.
November 03, Dead Sea

Dead Sea is much more than just SPA and cosmetics. It is multicolored landscapes with fantastic patterns and bizarre surface. We will see the hidden gems, swim to the lonely tree, walk along rainbow rocks, enjoy floating in the brine. Only the bright swimming suites allowed!
November 04, Eilat Mountains - Red Sea

Today we drive to the direction of Eilat range. The road goes through Negev desert, which occupies one
third of the country and which is reasonably considered the main nature attraction. When we come closer to national part Timna, the landscape changes dramatically. The mountains grow, the gorges appear, and to enjoy all this natural beauty we will make a short and easy trekking. This night we'll spend on the shore of Red Sea, which is just a bit less salty than the Dead Sea.
November 05, Negev Desert

On this day we go back to north through the Eilat mountains. On the way we will drive into the Red canyon, the main Instaspot of Israel. Today it's going to be a very special overnight stop! There is a cozy town Mizpe-Ramon in the Negev desert – small oasis in the middle of the desert with the best view of silence
and eternity.
November 06, Negev Desert - Tel-Aviv

No need to leave your bed, the sunrise will be seen right from the window of our villa! The only thing you should do is to open your eyes. This is for sure a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. In case you still have energy and desire to explore, we'll take a nice walk along the desert! But time is running and we need to go back to the airport. This journey is going to be unforgettable!
The issue was surprisingly tough. Accommodation in Israel is either shabby or good (not excellent), but extremely expensive. We will make our overnight stops only in nice comfortable and unforgettable places.
Israel is a country, where street food is so tasty, that a dinner in a restaurant may seem redundancy. This is the country, where people know how to cook, treat and do all these things from their heart. This is the country, where breakfast is enough to be stuffed for the whole day, and in the morning new breakfast awaits.
Natalia Kuprikova
Expert, promoting a wines of the New-New World, i.е. the countries, which the regular customer of French wines knows almost nothing about. She is truly comfort lover and hedonist in all the aspects, that's why we will stay and eat only in good places, no doubts about that. But the most important, she adores nature, trekking and adventures, so the journey will be exceptional and unforgettable.
$1300 includes:
  • Car rental and petrol
  • Accommodation and breakfast
  • Vineyards tours and wine tasting
  • Flight ~ 300 USD
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Tickets to museums and parks
Things to take with you
  • T-shirts and shorts
  • down-padded coat
  • thermal underwear
  • fleece jacket
  • jacket, pants
  • trekking boots
  • hat
  • gloves
  • socks, warm socks
  • foreign passport
  • money
  • cell phone
  • insurance
Only girls in the car, so it is better to take small bags, with which we can handle without external
assistance, medium-size to fit the trunk of the car
  • personal drugs
  • sun screen
  • personal care items
No visa is required for Russians. But depends on your nationality
Our choice is a comfortable sedan, where there will be space for everyone and everything, even for the bottles of wine bought
We are planning to walk along Eilat mountains and in the area of Dead Sea, so take not only high-heels, but also at least a pair of boots.
Already booked and we believe we found the best value for money. All the places are spacious, clean and in the right places
Your guide love good tasty food, so don't worry about this issue.
Four girls, including guide. Only jolly and easy-going people.
It will be hot during the day and cold at nights, especially in the desert, so take warm clothes.
Depends on the city you fly from. Please agree the flight with the guide
Your place is considered booked when you bought tickets and paid an advance payment in the amount of $650. Advance payment is non-refundable, unless you find somebody who can replace you. The second payment can be made either in Tel-Aviv or in advance.
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